This training can save your company money.

We will monitor the pressroom supplies for any defects, and see if the press can make adjustments to help in finishing. 



We will work with your crews and train them to move up the line of progression. Your second pressman will be trained to move into the lead position. The third pressman and feeder operator will be able to move up also. This will allow your press to remain productive while you look for someone to replace your feeder operator which is much easier to find than a skilled lead or second pressman.

Proof To Press

Are you having to make color corrections too often to your plates once they get on the press? We can show your crews and management how to Fingerprint your press and your prepress department can have the curves set for each substrate you run. This will save time and money. Save on plates and ink.

Customer Service Representatives

We will sit down with Customer Service and Managers to make sure that the Job Tickets are easily understood and that all job specs are conveyed clearly to the crews. Make sure the crews know how critical color and register are on the scheduled jobs.

About Us

Our industry is an aging one and the schools are not training skilled pressmen. Let our consultants come into your shop and train the workforce you have so when your older ones start retiring you will have someone ready to step into their spot. Your company can save money by cutting down on waste because your crews are running efficiently.

Pressroom Evaluation

After the training the consultant will sit down with upper management and give an evaluation of the crews. It will be a report on how each individual performed and how they handle the operation of the press.

Final Report

Your company GM or President will receive a final report email once the consultant has returned home.

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